Our Very First Valentine’s Day: Through My Eyes

Our Very First Valentine’s Day: Through My Eyes

It was February 14th, 2015 and I had just gotten out of my first relationship ever. One of those that was over before it had ever began. At this point, Jeremiah was my best friend. I had known since the beginning of January that I loved him, but the other guy asked me out first. Stupid, I know that now. Since the breakup, Jeremiah and I had been spending every minute we could together. The best part: he was focusing on being my friend instead of swooping in wanting to be in a relationship. This made me feel so safe and special!

This Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday, so I knew that I would be seeing Jeremiah. Figuring it was a perfectly acceptable day to wear something cute, I dug around in my closet for a cute, but not too over the top outfit. I had on a pair of denim skinny jeans, this flowy pink tank top with a big bow on the back, and – just for the heck of it – a pair of light gold sparkly wedges. When I was satisfied with my look I headed off to church.

To my dismay, Jeremiah did not show up to church. As soon as service was over, I headed out to my car and called him up. He claimed he was sick and had food poisoning. That just wasn’t going to work for me, especially after putting together this outfit. So I begged him to suck it up and grab lunch with me. Without much hesitation he agreed and he picked the place.

Fifteen minutes later, he and I were walking into McDonalds. Yes, you read that right. We celebrated our first not-date Valentine’s Day at McDonalds. But it was perfect! We smiled and laughed… so what if it was over a sausage egg mcmuffin and hash brown! I couldn’t even begin to tell you what we talked about, because we have covered every subject under the sun, BUT I do remember going to get a refill and when I was on my way back to the table a worker had started mopping and I didn’t notice; I totally almost bit the dust trying to walk confidently in my wedges. Jeremiah didn’t seem to notice though, I mean he married me. 😉


Stay tuned for Jeremiah’s story of what happened leading up to this Valentine’s Day.


Love Always,

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