Pretty Little Liars Show Review

Pretty Little Liars Show Review

There is no way I can possibly sum up Pretty Little Liars in one word or even a few words, but I am proud to say that I have officially watched every episode of all seven seasons. I have a lot on my mind about this show, so please beware that this review will contain spoilers, so continue reading at your own risk.

Show Summary

Five best friends. One is the leader, the rest are her followers. They are all friends because of her. She goes missing. One year later, the remaining four girls begin to receive texts about their secrets from the mysterious A. These texts require action, so that their (or those they loved) secrets won’t get out. The girls embark on a journey to discover what happened to their friend and find out who A is.

What I Thought

Ever since its pilot I have had a love/hate relationship with Pretty Little Liars. I was a freshman in high school when it was announced that Pretty Little Liars was going to be adapted to a television show, so I read the first book. The plots of the show dominated many of our (my friends and I) conversations as we tried, along with the liars, to figure out who A was.

Fast-forward three years. It was mid season three and I was absolutely fed up with this stupid show. Pretty Little Liars loves to dangle clues in your face that never seem to connect with anything and leave every episode on a cliffhanger. I was so frustrated that nothing about this show made sense that I just decided that I wasn’t going to watch it anymore. I quit cold turkey.

Fast-forward again. Six years later, I am a married college graduate. I see Pretty Little Liars pop on my Netflix every day. I can’t help, but become curious as to what became of the show, so I decided I would watch the show as soon as the series had a finale. Well, Pretty Little Liars finally ended in 2017, so I watched it from beginning to end.

Beyond Unrealistic

For a show that wasn’t supposed to be fantasy, Pretty Little Liars did a darn good job at being the most unrealistic show on the freaking planet. I am okay with a plot being a bit far-fetched, because I love a good story, but that was thrown out the window of PLL pretty early on. My biggest frustration of unrealisticness (is that a word?) is that everyone in Rosewood, besides Hanna, is a tech wiz. They can hack computers, tap phones, and steal like it’s nobody’s business. Those type of skills could not be learned overnight. Also, everyone is rich. Literally, everyone. They wear designer everything, have nice cars, and practically eat out three to four times a day. Emily finally gets a job, but she is a terrible employee, because she is always dealing with her social life, but of course she has no consequences to this.

The show takes part in a couple time jumps, my favorite being the five year jump from high school seniors to college graduates. Four out of the five graduate college and have amazing jobs. Like they are career women with a crap ton of money at the ripe age of 23. You don’t just land jobs like that right out of college, you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Then the next time jump, they are practically all married with kids at the ripe age of 24. Like c’mon, make one of them a failure.

The Clothes

I’m not sure what was going on with the costume designers on the set, but some of the outfits were pretty bad. There are threads and blog articles dedicated to the wacky outfit choices of four (later five) teenage high school students. Nobody, okay maybe that one girl, wears high heels and tight dresses to school. Maybe for homecoming or a special occasions, but not every single day. Those girls would have been laughed at for sure, but of course nobody looks twice at the girls in small town Pennsylvania who dress like they go to a New York City prep school. I just didn’t see it.

1 A and Counting

This goes back to the unrealistic aspect. A great show would have had ONE anonymous bully (aka A), not three and a dozen henchmen. I don’t buy that there were three different people who were mentally insane enough to torture and bully five practically innocent people. Mona should never have been an A and Alex should never have even freaking existed. They should have stuck with the Ali had an evil twin plot and used that for about four to five seasons and ended it there or stuck with Charles/Charlotte the entire time. This is one of those shows that starts to go downhill, because the people running it are money hungry.

Everyone is Mental

What is up with at least half the town having been in Radley or Welby? Literally, like at least five people did time in a mental institution. Have one mental patient is a stretch enough, but a dozen? Also, these mental patients have no issues sneaking out or getting what they want which seems to be a bit fishy to me.

My Rating: 4 Stars

I didn’t rant as much as I had planned, but I kind of feel relieved now that I have seen the show and it is over. All in all, Pretty Little Liars is a good teenage mystery show for a few seasons and then takes a deep turn for the worst. It ran for two to three seasons too long and was basically a comedy by the end, because the plots just kept thickening and obviously being pulled out of thin air. Watch at your own risk, but be prepared to ask yourself what the heck is going on for a good part of it and then be angry that most of the clues don’t lead anywhere, but the ones that do leave you questioning whether this show had any real story line to begin with.


Did you watch Pretty Little Liars? Did you think it was far-fetched and taken WAY too far?

Love Always,


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  1. February 12, 2018 / 3:32 PM

    I watched it! The whole thing was so ridiculous, but I needed to know how it ended. It bothered me that 5 years later, they all had successful careers. How was Ali already a teacher? Didn’t she miss an entire year of high school? You can’t make that up in a summer. They all had about 187 outfits. The whole teacher dating a student angle became normal after about 1 episode, which was weird. Such a strange show. I don’t think the writers knew where they were going season to season. They were just focussed on each episode.

    • Lauren
      February 23, 2018 / 12:10 PM

      SAME! All I wanted was to know how they ended it! Ya, I thought it was odd how they didn’t just follow the books (although that story line is far fetched too). Normalizing the student/teacher affair was gross. I think the only way to enjoy it was to recognize that it was messed up and not at all realistic.

Any Thoughts?