My Love/Hate Relationship with Valentine’s Day

My Love/Hate Relationship with Valentine’s Day

Up until this year, I have never wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I fell into the category of people who think the holiday is stupid and made up as a means for stores to make money. I joined in the chorus of I don’t need a silly day to tell the people in my life that I love them. But something in me has changed and I don’t feel as much irritation toward Valentine’s Day anymore.

The Hate

Although I’m softening to the idea of Valentine’s Day, I still don’t believe there is anything special about it. February 14th is obviously a day picked by marketers to become a holiday about love to sell candles, flowers, chocolate, pretty dresses, fancy dinners, and expensive jewelry. There was no holiday in February, so it was easy for people to get behind it. I mean, who doesn’t want an excuse to celebrate or be celebrated?

Can we be honest for a minute? Do you truly feel special on Valentine’s Day? Sure, your man brought you flowers… but was it because he was thinking of you or because he felt obligated to? Sure, your man planned a romantic evening… but so did majority of the other guys around the world. Valentine’s Day just doesn’t make me feel loved, special, or thought about, because it’s a day that the world says show her you love her or else.

I know Galentines is a big thing nowadays, but for a long time Valentines was strictly a romantic thing. It was a holiday that made single girls feel unwanted, sad, and lonely. That is until a group of girls decided that February 14th shouldn’t just be for couples celebrating love, but also for friends! Regardless, I think Valentine’s Day is pretty pointless.

The Love

I’m not going to lie, I’m 99% positive that my original distaste of Valentine’s Day was because of singleness. But I’m a married woman now, so the other day I got to thinking about why I was always a V-Day hater. Even though I still think all of my points are valid, I figured why not take the day set out to celebrate love to celebrate the love I have for my husband. At first, Jeremiah and I were going to plan an evening together, but then I decided as my first official Valentine’s Day, I wanted to plan something extra special for him.

So here I am indulging in all the Valentine’s Day glitz and glam, but who am I kidding? I will take an excuse to put on a pretty dress, buy flowers, and light some romantic candles any day, so why not February 14th!

I don’t have too much love for the holiday, but in an effort to find some positives, here is a short list of the things that aren’t so bad about Valentine’s Day:

  • There is an overload of all things pink and red.
  • You are bound to have some flowers around the house.
  • Candy and chocolate sales after the 14th


Stay tuned for the turnout of the date I planned for my hubby!


Love Always,

Any Thoughts?