Our Engagement Story: Through My Eyes

Our Engagement Story: Through My Eyes

Today is Jeremiah and I’s one year engagement anniversary. It blows my mind that only a year ago he was on one knee asking me to be his wife for the rest of our lives. From the moment I realized he was proposing to the moment we said ‘I do’ everything happened so quickly! There are days it feels like I dreamed it. I have been really passionate about reflection this year, so I wanted to share with you our engagement story from my perspective.

An age ago I knew myself
Who I was meant to be

My plans by hand were set in sand
But hope, of course, is free

My plan’s my map to lead me to
A good eternity

It’s not a map though, it’s a test
I’ve failed Cartography

Three roadblocks set but no reverse
It’s off-roading for me

It was February 4th. A very cold Saturday. It was mid-afternoon and I was bored doing homework assignments. A couple days before my [now] sister-in-law had asked me to go with her to a craft fair in downtown Fort Worth. I was so eager to get to know her that I had agreed to go, but when the day finally arrived, I was having second thoughts. It was cold and I was poor. Fort Worth was a good 45 minute drive and I wasn’t sure I was up for it. My mom was texting me and I was telling her that I wasn’t even sure what a craft fair was or if I would even enjoy it, but she encouraged me not to back out. I texted my [now] husband that I was thinking about bailing, but he was insistent that I go and make a night out of it, dress up a little. Honestly, I was still a bit hesitant, but decided that hanging out with Ali would be better than spending the night alone.

Two years ago I knew myself
A wreck and lost at sea

With waves so high they touched the sky
At least that’s how it seemed

With all intents of giving up
My eyes they caught a gleam

A beacon tall above the night
The light for lost to see

While mesmerized with hope ahead
I bumped bows subtly

The trip to Fort Worth was a smooth one with surprisingly little traffic. I was in a fantastic mood and ready to make the most of the night. I found the parking lot she told me to go to and waited for her. When she arrived, I was all good spirits and smiles as we walked and talked toward the craft fair. As we rounded the corner of the church we parked at, I caught a glimpse of Jeremiah’s brother, Joshua. Strange, why would he be here? Then I saw the camera in his hands and kept looking around saying what the heck, I thought y’all were playing hockey. I saw Jeremiah standing over by a tree with lights strung up all around. He was holding a bouquet of flowers that were my favorite colors. I ran over to him and gave him a big hug and kiss, but he told me to wait until the end. Oh how I love that man!

A year ago I knew myself
A cloud of disbelief

The winds still blew and it took shape
Above reality

As if a cloud I watched myself
Becoming you and me

Though we looked fragile, we weren’t clouds
We’re ice in deepest freeze

And yes, one day we’ll melt away
But thaw insepar’bly

Jeremiah handed me the flowers and picked up a wooden plaque while explaining to me that I had been asking him to write me a poem for awhile now. I was over the moon with excitement to hear something he had written especially for me! He began to read and from the first line I had tears in my eyes. This poem expressed everything that had brought us closer and melded us together. His words were so raw and honest, revealing that despite all our flaws, he saw the very best part of me and I, him.

Now here describes my thoughts aloud
They’re branches on a tree

All stem from where but all connect
To most a mystery

But you a sleuth were not confused
Simply pushed back the leaves

Like arborist you trim and cut
You point out all my weeds

Pull all you can up from my roots
And damage sparingly

As the poem came to an end, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Jeremiah was everything I could have hoped for and I knew that it was by no accident we were standing there under those lights. Jeremiah got down on one knee and asked so will you marry me?Β Not going to lie, I cried, but they were happy tears! I answered with an of course. He slid the ring on my finger (I had to hold my hand in a fist the whole night, so it wouldn’t fall off lol) and we embraced for what felt like ever.

An age ahead is yet to come
I don’t know where I’ll be

Texas, Virginia, or Vermont
Or in a new country

But I do know who I’ll be with
Tiny red-headed dream

At least I’ll know in one minute
As soon as you answer me

I was on cloud nine with excitement and love and emotions. Jeremiah then gave me one more surprise: he told me that my family was waiting at a nearby restaurant. I couldn’t believe they were all in on it, but I was so glad that he had included them. We walked hand in hand through downtown and arrived at the restaurant to so much love, congratulations, and hugs from my family! It was a truly magical night!!

Lauren, you are my everything
So will you marry me?



  1. February 5, 2018 / 1:12 AM

    Beautiful! What a dream! Congratulations on your engagement & your marriage! I love reading your stories! .xo.

    • Lauren
      February 5, 2018 / 10:01 AM

      Thanks Myka! πŸ™‚

    • Lauren
      February 6, 2018 / 3:49 PM

      Thank you <3

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