Fasting from Television

Fasting from Television

Ever feel like you have become addicted to something without even realizing it?

I can still remember the day growing up that my family got cable. I was in seventh grade. Before, watching endless amounts of television with few commercials was only a thing I got to do at friends’ houses, but now I had the same ability. It felt like a dream! I remember when Netflix became a streaming service. I was in twelfth grade. Before, watching episodes in order from the beginning of a show with no commercials only happened if you bought the dvd box set, but now it was at my fingertips (for only $7.99 a month).

Little by little, television became a huge part of my life! Whether I actually set out to watch tv or not, it was always on. I have watched countless shows from beginning to end (some even more than once). Television just became an escape as well as a way to fill time. Finishing a show always seemed like a great accomplishment. I had this air of achievement the following few days, but then I am just left empty as I search for a new family, group of friends, or disaster to fill my time.

Lately, I have been so aware of how numb I feel when the tv is on. So conscious that these people aren’t my friends or my family and they don’t care about me. I recognized that I don’t appreciate the silence or the stillness of life when the tv is on. I have forgotten what it is like to listen to the sounds of everyday life – the washing machine, the dog sleeping, the neighbors stomping. And most of all, I realized that I missed life without the television.

There is so much more out there for me than wasting and filling precious time with tv. So for the month of February, I am fasting from television [only allowed to watch 1 hour a day]. I am going to see what all I can learn and accomplish during the time I would typically watch tv. I have plans to be more active in housework, get laundry done more frequently, read a lot, get dinner ready by a decent hour and dishes washed before bed, finish up some scrapbooks, spend quality time with my hubby, take the dog on long walks, dedicate more time to the Lord, and most of all enjoy the silence!

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