I am the Queen of Excuses

I am the Queen of Excuses

I am the king of excuses. I have one for every selfish thing I do.
-DC Talk “In the Light”

I want to be the girl who goes places. I want to be the girl who finds adventure around every corner. I want to be the girl who captures the pretty pictures she would typically pin. The ‘I wants’ could literally go on forever, but when I start down this road, I have to stop myself and ask why. Why am I not this girl?

The answer: It is easier to dream of adventure than to find it.

As much as I would love to claim that I make the most of every day and am constantly out exploring the areas around me, I can’t. I can’t because I am constantly making excuses and letting the day get away from me. I am so good at thinking up creative ways to get out more, but that is where it ends, because I am so bad at the execution.

When the work day is finally over or the weekend is finally here, I transform into the queen of excuses. My head starts to fill with thoughts of how tired I am, how bad traffic probably is, how I am a picky eater, how cold it is outside, how we should save money, and how there is housework to be done. I pick one or two of these excuses and end up wasting my day away (because we all I know I probably didn’t catch up on sleep, save money, or do chores).

When I allow myself to choose excuses over actions, I get caught in the ‘I want’ cycle. I start thinking about all of the time I waste and what I could be doing with it.

One of my goals for 2018 is make every day count. Part of making every day count is not choosing excuses, but instead choosing action. With this fresh in my mind, I hope to do something fun, new, or productive this week!