The Responsibility of Being On Your Own

The Responsibility of Being On Your Own

While growing up, you constantly hear the phrase “on your own”. Once you hit a certain age or a certain life stage, you are officially on your own. It could be simply being on your own or most specifically paying your bills on your own.

When you are really young, the thought of being responsible is terrifying. Then you get a bit older and the thought is liberating. Once you finally make it, you can’t help, but wish someone would take care of you again.

Tuesday night, the realization of being on my own really sank in. I felt like a grown-up. I had created a menu of what was going to be for dinner this week from the food we had at the apartment. Let me just say that I am an avid fast food eater. I love me some fast food!! I am definitely part of the “I want it now” generation, because I don’t like waiting for my food to cook or cleaning up after cooking. But now that Jeremiah and I have bills to pay and a savings to grow, eating out isn’t really the best option for us right now.

We followed the menu well on Monday. I made chili cheese dog bake and it felt great to follow our plan and not eat out. The goal for Tuesday was to cook asparagus salad with the Home Chef ingredients we had. Well Jeremiah was taking a lot longer to get home than I expected. When he called to tell me he was on his way, I whined and said I didn’t want to cook. He encouraged me to make the right decision to not eat out, but also told me to go ahead and check my bank account. When I looked at my account, I had less than $10. Sigh. That’s what happens when you have to pay bills and rent.

As I laid there dreading the cooking and cleaning that was inevitable, I got to thinking about responsibility and family. I hoped to have kids one day and had to learn how to not be selfish with my money, but to also be responsible about what I buy and when I buy it. Eating out is a luxury and I can’t pinpoint when I started making it requirement. Growing up, we rarely ate out. We never had soda or sweets at the house. Ordering pizza and having ice cream or soda was always for a birthday party or special event. I want to remember that although I don’t have to live exactly how I did growing up, I should still remember certain values in order to continue growing as an adult.

With all that being said, when Jeremiah got home, we compromised. We ordered a pizza and paid with a gift card. So technically, we didn’t spend any of our money and I still didn’t have to cook.

I’m not perfect, but I’m a proud work-in-progress!